Increase your Confidence with Modern Jive

Want to find the perfect outlet to increase your confidence on and off the dance floor? Modern Jive might just be your next big thing. People take Modern Jive to socialize with others, create meaningful relationships, get a good workout or simply learn the dance.

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Modern jive has many of the same elements as Salsa and Rock & Roll. Introduced in the early 1980’s, Modern Jive doesn’t have a single, distinctive approach. Depending on where you learn and which classes you attend, you will adapt the skills from your own instructors and dance partners. You will never have to do any mechanized footwork when you learn Modern Jive. It’s mostly a fun, freestyle way of dancing.

Setting your goals

One of the best ways to start building your confidence is by kicking-off with 2-3 dance goals. Becoming more social and meeting new people would be goal number 1. You’ll be amazed how many people you will meet at a swing or modern jive class. If you’re looking to get in a good workout during the week, set out to attend classes twice or three times per week. If you’re looking to expand your dancing skills, make sure you stick to your plan – make dancing a part of your life in a big way.

Dancing as a confidence booster

jive dancing coupleIncreasing confidence is all about improving your social life, making new friends and forming new relationships while allowing you to build your skills on the dance floor. We all know that dancers have that undeniable confidence by the way they walk. They also take care of their personal appearance and watch the kind of foods they eat. All of this leads to a healthier lifestyle – a key ingredient for confidence.
You’ll never dance alone at a jive dance class

If you don’t have a dancing partner, don’t worry. A swing or jive class is usually attended by an eclectic group of people that do rotations during the dance lesson – you’re guaranteed to meet and dance with at least over 5 people every week. You’ll get a chance to dance with people no matter if you came by yourself or with a partner.


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