Preparing For Your First Wedding Dance

Everything about a wedding is romantic, but the most emotional moment of the entire event is arguably the first dance between two newlyweds. During that moment, the bride and groom can finally release all the pressure they felt wedding planning, move with the music, and completely absorb the ambiance as they embrace each other in front of their family and friends.

It doesn’t stop there though! From the brides dance with her father and the groom’s with his mother, to the proceeding party with wedding guests, dancing plays a big role throughout your entire wedding reception. Being at ease with the rhythm and movements of your body, as well as your spouse’s, lets you both enjoy those moments to the fullest, creating a night of treasured memories you will remember forever. Wedding dance classes are the perfect way to do this.

Just ask Lisa of Arthur Murray Dance Studios Etobicoke. As she explains, “Dancing is about so much more than getting to know rehearsed steps. It’s a feeling, an expression, and a beautiful gift that the bride and groom can experience together for the rest of their lives after their wedding day. Just picture your future anniversaries as you grow together.”


Participating in wedding dance lessons or Latin dance classes in the months leading up to your nuptials will help you build confidence on the dance floor, as well as provide you with a really fun chance to learn something new while bonding with the love of your life. Together, you’ll learn the general footwork and ideal composure for Latin dancing as well as develop an appreciation for dance and music like never before. Whether you’re envisioning the unique rhythm of the samba or a sultry tango number for your first dance as a married couple, beginner dance lessons in Etobicoke are available to help you learn everything you need to know. The techniques you are taught in beginner dance classes will translate into being at ease in a multitude of dancing situations, but most importantly, they will assist you in overcoming any anxiousness you might be experiencing about dancing in front of your nearest and dearest on your wedding day.

During your initial inquiry about wedding dance classes, there are some things to remember and share with your dance teacher:

  • How much time you can reasonably commit to dancing, both in the studio and when you’re at home, before the day of your wedding. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect. It will pay off on the big day!
  • What type of Latin dance classes you are interested in.
  • The attire you will be wearing at your wedding, especially the bride’s gown and footwear. For example, a Latin dance that requires high leg movements above the knee will be hard to do in a tight fishtail gown.
  • The music you’ll be dancing to, especially the first dance.

Regardless of these considerations and how much experience you both have, beginner dance lessons are a great way for you and your partner to enjoy a fun experience together during stressful wedding planning. Even the most inexperienced dancers will be pleased and proud at all they can learn through an insightful, steady approach to Latin dance classes in Etobicoke.


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