May Arthur Murray Etobicoke Have This Dance?

Only a few short hours ago you stood in front of all of your family and friends and recited vows of eternal love and devotion. A whirlwind of a day including everything from early morning make-up chairs to a fussy flower girl and endless hours of smiling big for photograph after photograph. You are ecstatic to waltz into a joint life with your new husband, but can’t help but feel as though you haven’t yet shared that moment – YOUR first moment as newlyweds celebrating together.

Wedding dance lessons for confidence

And then you share a wedding dance . . .

We at Arthur Murray Etobicoke are here to help ensure this intimate moment is perfect for you and your partner. We offer private or group dance lessons depending on individual comfort for an array of dance styles and types. However, the effortless beauty of the traditional wedding dance style of the Waltz is what the wedding dance style we recommend for all couples hoping to engage in this magical moment. Often considered the mother of all dances, the Waltz uses rise and fall body sways, light movements, correct poise, and balance to achieve simplistic elegance.

This 20th century style of dance is the fundamental basis for many styles of dance worldwide. Because of this, the Waltz is the most popular and one of the easiest styles to learn for your first wedding dance. The tempo count of 1-2-3, 1-2-3 helps ease any dancer into following this rhythmic Line of Dance.

However easy this wedding dance is to learn, it is also aesthetically appealing for newlyweds as it is incredibly romantic.  The groom leads this dance with strength as his partner mirrors his every step. The bride’s position is to gracefully rest her left hand just above his bicep as he glides her smoothly through each step.

For the non-traditional bride and groom, our modern teachers stay current by constantly training and learning the newest and latest techniques of dance, which can be applied to any type of ballroom dance. Our teachers’ unique blends of experiences and backgrounds allows for custom client care in all circumstances, including preparation of your wedding dance. The great thing about the Waltz is that it is the basis for many dances and can be altered inimitably to fit a wide variety of personality types.

We have recognized this style’s importance at Arthur Murray Dance Studios for over 100 years. As dancing the Waltz is an acquired skill and art form, we recommend beginning lessons with us 6 to 8 months before your special day. This allows for your bodies to adjust to the fluid movements of the dance, and gives each couple time to gain comfort with the unfamiliar. In the past we’ve learned that partner wedding dance lessons often brings couples closer together as the intimate setting provides them with an opportunity to bond even more, if possible.

We hope you Waltz towards Arthur Murray Etobicoke to receive your $10 trial dance lesson offer. We are confident in your ability and will guide you through any uncertainty step-by-step so that this first moment of togetherness is an experience of closeness that can last a lifetime. Take the first step by finding more information or registering for dance lessons using Arthur Murray’s proven method.


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