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Shortly after you start your lessons at Arthur Murray, you’ll be introduced to our Medalist System. This system is based on your desires, and you can choose if you strive to be a Bronze, Silver, or Gold dancer. With each level, there is a varying degree of lessons and commitment. It does not affect the quality of your lessons or your role in the studio – regardless of your dance level there is place for you in our studio.

The Levels and Programs:


This level will introduce you to the most fundamental skills needed for ballroom and latin dancing. You’ll get an introduction to several dances, and work on elements such as connection, posture and basic timing.


At this level, we will build on the fundamentals introduced in your first lessons, and focus clearly on several dances. We will build your understanding of things like proper dance hold and partnering skills, while introducing you to more steps and patterns in the dances.


The Bronze dancer is at a very comfortable level of social dancing – they will never have to sit out a dance at any social occasion. Men will have the confidence to ask any lady to dance and know that they’ll be able to whisk her around the floor comfortably and in a large variety of dances and steps. Ladies will never feel inclined to say “no” to a partner for fear they will embarrass themselves or not know the moves – a bronze dancer is well equipped at both leading and following. At this level, you will be able to recognize the style of dance that goes with each piece of music.

This level is broken up into several sub categories – as a beginner bronze dancer you will be building upon your foundations skills, solidifying your knowledge of basic skills and learning basic patterns necessary for any social dancing situation. An associate bronze dancer is polished and able to maneuver around a crowded dance floor. This is your average level of social dancing. Beyond this, there is Advanced Bronze and Full Bronze, as we add dances, steps, patterns, skill, and confidence!


The Silver student is committed to their dancing and more detail oriented, skilled, and refined than the average social dancer. In a social dancing situation such as a party or a nightclub, the Silver dancer will be completely comfortable and confident. When they show off their skills, they might draw a crowd or clear the floor.


The Gold level of dancing is an expert level – this can best be described as the pros from Dancing with the Stars or the choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance. The Gold dancer loves to dance and makes it an integral part of their life.


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