Dance Studio Rentals

Dance Studio Rentals Etobicoke

Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Etobicoke is available for private parties such as birthdays, engagement parties, bar mitzvahs, and family gatherings.

For more information do no hesitate to call or contact us.



Nov. 30th!

Try us out Today for only $25

Come out and dance! We’ll make you feel completely at home in our friendly atmosphere. All skill levels are welcome. Come on your own, or with a partner. No obligation!


AMEtobicoke @AMEtobicoke
Arthur Murray TOWest  @AMEtobicoke
Official Photo's from Dancing with Toronto Celebrities are coming soon! 
Arthur Murray TOWest  @AMEtobicoke
AM Etobicoke studio will be closed Friday, June 16th for Dancing with Toronto Celebrities! See you all there!