Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is a rotary ballroom dance where the dancers are constantly turning either in a clockwise (natural) or anti-clockwise (reverse) direction. These steps are interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch rotational directions.

From Strauss Waltzes and Tchaikovsky ballets to music by contemporary artists, Viennese Waltz music has inspired people to dance for generations. The splendour of Waltz is epitomized in the elegant and graceful Viennese Waltz. The gliding, turning movements suggest that the dancer is skating. The Viennese Waltz brings to mind lovely ladies in their flowing gowns dancing to the lilting sounds of Strauss Waltzes in a grand ballroom.


The Waltz developed in Central Europe from the Austrian dance known as the Landler. The fast whirling of partners held as if in an embrace shocked polite society. The music of Johann Strauss and the famous ballrooms of Vienna popularized the faster version known as the Viennese Waltz.


Viennese Waltz is Waltz music played at a much quicker tempo. While slow Waltz is played at 28-36 measures per minute (mpm), Viennese Waltz is played at 50-60 mpm. It is usually played in 3/4 time, but some Viennese Waltzes are written in 6/8 time.


Sweeping turns that gracefully move around the floor characterize this dance. The Viennese Waltz is known for its rotational movement, which is simple and elegant. A true Viennese waltz consists only of turns and change steps. Other moves such as the fleckerls, American-style figures and side sway or underarm turns are modern inventions and are not normally danced at the annual balls in Vienna. Furthermore, in a properly danced Viennese Waltz, couples do not pass, but turn continuously left and right while traveling counter clockwise around the floor following each other. For more information about Viennese Waltz dance classes in Etobicoke, get in touch with us!

Viennese Waltz songs and artists include:

  • Blue Danube , by Johann Strauss
  • Kiss From A Rose, by Seal
  • Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? by Bryan Adams
  • That’s Amore, by Dean Martin

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