Why Arthur Murray?

Find out how Arthur Murray will have you on the floor in no time!

We are proud to be the home of a method of teaching that is proven and respected worldwide, more so than any other studio. Because of this, the millions of people that have come through our studio have emerged happy, well informed, and a step ahead of the competition.

We make dancing as easy as one, two, three. 

The Arthur Murray method teaches you to dance by first introducing a series of core steps, relevant to each and every dance you will learn down the road. By combining these simple steps, and repeating them in different sequences we establish a comfort and ease that will carry through all of your dancing.

You’ll love our instructors!

Our teachers are trained and certified to guarantee that you have the best experience in our studio from the moment you walk in the door. You’ll have a teacher that knows how to teach you at your level and bring out the best in your dancing. Don’t believe that we’re the best? Come in and see for yourself!

You’ll never feel lost in the crowd. 

Every student at Arthur Murray personally has two instructors. This means that you’ll get the personal attention that you deserve in your lessons, and a couple different perspectives on making sure you’re learning in the best way possible and getting the utmost from your experience in our studio. We always make a point of getting to know our students on a personal level, and a birthday or special event in your life will never be forgotten if you share it with us! On top of our interpersonal attention, you can be assured that your program at our studio is perfectly tailored for your skill level and goals – you’ll never be given a cookie cutter program or class.

Faster Learning. 

The Arthur Murray Method is developed to help our students learn how to dance faster than with any other method worldwide. We know how to teach you according to a system that will quickly develop you into a versatile dancer, transitioning easily between different dances, rhythms, and tempos.

Your skills will last a lifetime

At Arthur Murray we allow time to build muscle memory to accompany each step you learn; even if you don’t get a chance to dance on your time away from the studio, once this is in place you will be able to use what you learn whenever you want to for the rest of your life.

Incomparable Quality 

Arthur Murray is the only accredited dance teaching institution in Ontario, and we’ve earned it. We take quality control seriously, screening all of our instructors carefully for their talent and dedication. Everything Arthur Murray does is tested across all franchises, updated regularly, and monitored to maintain the highest standards of teaching.

Great Locations

Our studios are conveniently located in safe, well lit, central areas. Most locations are accessible by transit, and there is parking available just steps from our front door.

Nice place to dance

Arthur Murray dance studio leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your experience with us. Our studios have been recently renovated and have excellent sound systems for your lessons.


We promise you excellence, and we will never waver. Therefore, all our lessons are based on the same guidelines regarding foundational steps and following the same syllabus. This remains true regardless of which Arthur Murray studio you attend, and by whom you are instructed.

Get the most!

At Arthur Murray, we carefully monitor your progress, certifying you each time you learn a new step or reach a new level. Your accomplishments are rewarded and your progress is tangible.

Endless Fun! 

On top of your individual lessons, we offer group classes in convenient time slots and in a variety of genres. Of course, we also have practice parties twice a week to try out what you’ve been working on in a stress free party environment. We make it easy for you to get to know everyone else in the studio, and you’ll find that our parties are a coveted Friday night destination. The majority of our parties are themed, from karaoke nights to casino nights and holiday celebrations. We know the importance of a stable network of students and teachers, and the frequency of our parties (more than any other studio) helps ensure the strength of our community.

A wonderful social environment

Even as a newcomer at the studio, you will be encouragingly invited to regular events and parties outside our studio. These range from potlucks to yearly cruises to trips around the world. There is literally always something to look forward to!

An unbeatable new hobby. 

Once you start dancing, you’ll be hooked. Arthur Murray Dance Studios can help you fit dancing into your life – you may be surprised by how much you love it!

You’ll always fit in. 

Regardless of what level you are when you start with us, you won’t be alone! There will always be someone else at the studio who is the same level as you, and you don’t have to worry about feeling lost with people who are more or less skilled than you. Furthermore, we will make sure that you know your instructors and some other students personally so that you never feel lost in a group.

Exceptional Value for Your Money. 

Arthur Murray teaches with the best method and by the best instructors. When you pay for your private lessons, you get unrestricted access to group classes and practice parties. With all these included activities, our studio turns out to be less expensive than other studios, so don’t let them fool you! Furthermore, when you take advantage of all Arthur Murray has to offer, you become part of a community that will have a priceless impact on your life.

Worldwide Acceptance

When you’re a member of an Arthur Murray Studio, you can continue your lessons at any of our studios worldwide and know that you’ll be treated spectacularly. As an Arthur Murray student, you are a VIP member of an international network of dance enthusiasts.

Enviable Coaches

Arthur Murray has relationships with world renowned dance experts like Jonathan Roberts and Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars. You’ll be able to receive coaching sessions with them, one on one. In fact, you’ll discover why Dancing with the Stars turns to us for advice.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you are ever not 100% satisfied with your lesson, your instructor, your progress, or anything at our studio, just let us know and we will replace your lesson. Furthermore, if you feel like your instructor isn’t a good match for you, we will be happy to let you try another instructor, no offense taken. If you need to take advantage of this policy, please contact us within 24 hours of your lesson.

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